CDRF Project Grants


To provide funds for researchers studying the genetic basis of common chronic diseases associated with ageing in developed countries.


There are no restrictions specified. For more details, see the organization website.

Quantity Available

Dependent on availability of funds


  • Dependent on funds available

Study Length

2-3 years

Award Value

UK £30,000-150,000

Application procedure

Applicants must submit a preliminary proposal of no more than one side of A4-size paper including an outline of the proposal, a list of principal aims and objectives and scale of funding. If the CDRF's panel of experts consider the project to be of relevance, applicants must then submit a full grant proposal.

Closing date

No deadline

Study Level

  • Research
  • Postgraduate

Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF)

The Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF) was established to look at new ways of exploring the genetics of diseases associated with ageing. Its mission is to target those common diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, migraine, asthma and diabetes, inherited from our parents, and prevent and alleviate them now and for future generations. Its principal focus is on comparative studies of identical and non-identical twins, undertaken at the Twin Research Unit of St Thomas' Hospital.

Contact Details

  • 020 7633 9790
  • 020 7922 8154
  • St Thomas' Hospital
    4st Floor
    South Wing Block D
    Westminster Bridge Road
    SE1 7EH

More information

For more information regarding this award, please contact the Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF) by using the links below.


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