Alzheimer's Research Trust, Emergency Support Grant


To bridge funding shortfalls in research.


Members of the Alzheimer's Research Trust network only.

Quantity Available

As necessary


  • Annual


Study Length

A few weeks-1 year

Award Value

Up to £30,000

Application procedure

Applicants must apply online by visiting external linkand submitting 20 paper copies of the application form.

Closing date

November 23rd


Charitable sources

Study Level

  • Research

Alzheimer's Research Trust

Alzheimer's Research Trust is the leading United Kingdom research charity for dementia. ART funds work in any area of research that promises to further the understanding of the basic disease process in Alzheimer's and related dementias, or that is directed to early detection, identifying risk factors, or progress towards effective treatments.

Contact Details

More information

For more information regarding this award, please contact the Alzheimer's Research Trust by using the links below.


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