Brian Hewson Crawford Fellowship


To support research into any aspect of the classical tradition.

Those employed as professor, lecturer or equivalent in a university or learned institution may normally hold an award only if they are taking unpaid leave for the whole of the period. The fellowship may not be held concurrently with another fellowship or award. Applications may be sent by post or fax, but not by e-mail.


Fellowships are generally intended for scholars in the early stages of their career. Candidates may be pre or postdoctoral, but must have completed at least 1 year of research on their doctoral dissertation by the time they submit their application. Postdoctoral candidates must normally have been awarded their doctorate within the preceding 5 years. If their doctorate was awarded before this they should explain the reasons for any interruption in their academic career in a covering letter.

Quantity Available



  • Annual

Study Length

2 months

Award Value


Application procedure

Applications should be made by letter to the Director enclosing a full curriculum vitae comprising name, date of birth, address (including email address) and present occupation, school and university education, degrees, teaching and research experience, list of publications, an outline of proposed research (of not more than two pages), particulars of grants received, if any, on the same subject and the names and addresses of 2 or 3 persons who have agreed to write, without further invitation, in support of the application. Please visit external linkfor full details.

Closing date

Late November

Study Level

  • Doctorate

Warburg Institute

The Warburg Institute is concerned mainly with cultural history, art history and history of ideas, especially in the Renaissance. It aims to promote and conduct research on the interaction of cultures, using verbal and visual materials. It specializes in the influences of ancient Mediterranean traditions on European culture from the Middle Ages to the modern period.

Contact Details

  • 020 7862 8949
  • 020 7862 8955
  • University of London
    Woburn Square
    WC1H 0AB

More information

For more information regarding this award, please contact the Warburg Institute by using the links below.


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