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The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. We spend around £600 million every year both in the UK and internationally achieving our mission: supporting the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities.

Our broadly defined mission allows us to respond flexibly to medical needs and scientific opportunities. As well as tackling immediate priorities, our independence and long-term perspective enable us to support research that will benefit future generations.

The Trust employs over 500 staff in various departments. Our governing document is our constitution, and our Board of Governors has ultimate responsibility for what we do.

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Awards Offered:

  • Award viewed International Engagement Awards
    Up to £30,000 for projects lasting a maximum of 3 years
    Closes: February 8th
  • Award viewed Master's Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine
    30 months' support. 12 months dedicated to undertaking a taught Master's at a recognised centre of excellence; 18 months to undertake a research project. Cost of living in country of study; travel costs & support for approved fees.
    Closes: November 23rd (for applications submissions)
  • Award viewed Integrated Training Fellowships for Veterinarians
    Basic salary as determined by the host institution. Research expenses for three years. Training. A travel allowance to attend scientific meetings.
    Closes: September 1st
  • Award viewed Wellcome-Wolfson Capital Awards in Biomedical Science
    Awards over £1 million will be made
    Closes: See website
  • Award viewed People Awards
    Applicants can apply for up to £30,000, for projects lasting a maximum of 3 years
    Closes: January 27th, April 26th, July 26th and October 25th.
  • Award viewed Senior Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine
    A basic salary; research expenses, training costs where appropriate; an inflation/flexible funding allowance and support to attend scientific meetings; contributions to costs directly incurred by the overseas institution may also be provided.
    Closes: March 4th, September 24th, Novemebr 26th
  • Award viewed Society Awards
    Society Awards are for amounts over £30,000, for a maximum of three years
    Closes: March 28th
  • Award viewed Research Training Fellowships
    Fellowships are normally for two to three years. In exceptional cases a fellowship may be for up to four years for those who wish to undertake a relevant Master's training or diploma course. All training requests must be fully justified in the application. Fellowships provide research expenses (consumables, travel, and support to attend scientific meetings) and a fellow's salary, set according to age, experience and our policy on enhancement
    Closes: Feb 8th (full application deadline)
  • Award viewed Training Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine
    It provides support that includes a basic salary for the fellow, research expenses (e.g. consumables, equipment, collaborative travel, research assistance, technical support) training costs where appropriate and justified, an inflation/flexible funding allowance and support to attend scientific meetings, and contributions to costs of the project that are directly incurred by the overseas institution may also be provided.
    Closes: March 1st, May 21st, November 25–27th
  • Award viewed Wellcome-Beit Prize Fellowships
    £25,000 is awarded to each of four selected Research Career Development Fellows or Intermediate Clinical Fellows in addition to the salary and research expenses already to be funded by the Wellcome Trust. The £25,000 prize money can be used flexibly in support of the fellows' ongoing research
  • Award viewed Veterinary Research Entry Fellowships
    A basic salary as determined by the veterinary school; research expenses; Master's course fees; and a travel allowance
    Closes: February 7th
  • Award viewed Master’s Awards
    The award is for one year, and includes: the student's stipend; all compulsory university and college fees at the UK home postgraduate student level. Fees at the overseas rate will not be provided.
    Closes: May 1st
  • Award viewed Medical History and Humanities Travel Grants
    The maximum award under this scheme is £1,500 (although a slightly higher limit may apply in the case of researchers from certain developing countries)
    Closes: Applications may be submitted at any time during the year
  • Award viewed R&D for Affordable Healthcare in India
    Awards will be made by way of funding agreements that will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The principles of the Wellcome Trust Grant Conditions will apply. The terms and conditions of funding will be discussed with applicants individually. Typically, the agreements will contain a provision for the appropriate sharing of benefits. The funds available will be ring-fenced for the specified programme of work. Neither working capital nor building or refurbishment expenditure will be provided. Funding will be released in tranches against the attainment of pre-agreed project milestones.
    Closes: January 31st
  • Award viewed Research Expenses
    Funding may be provided for a maximum of two years. The normal maximum award payable to postdoctoral scholars is £5,000. For self-funded doctoral students, the normal maximum award payable is £3,000
    Closes: Applications may be submitted at any time during the year
  • Award viewed Seeding Drug Discovery
    Early-stage drug discovery projects are able to apply for funding for up to two years to facilitate screening of chemical compounds to identify one or more lead series of molecules. Late-stage projects, where a lead compound has already been identified, are able to apply for funding for up to four years, to support lead optimisation and preclinical development through to clinical trials.
    Closes: November 8th and June 7th (Preliminary deadline); May 29–30th and October 24–25th (Funding decision for invited full proposal).
  • Award viewed Wellcome Trust-POST Fellowships in Medical History and Humanities
    The successful applicant will receive a fully funded three-month extension to their PhD or fellowship award. While placements typically last three-months, they may be extended under exceptional circumstances. If the successful applicant is not within reasonable daily travelling distance to POST in London, the Wellcome Trust will consider paying travel and accommodation costs up to a maximum of £2000
    Closes: November 23rd
  • Award viewed Broadcast Development Awards
    Up to £10,000, for a maximum of 1 year
    Closes: April 26th, July 19th and October 18th
  • Award viewed Arts Awards
    Funding can be applied for at two levels: (1)Small to medium-sized projects (up to and including £30,000). This funding can either be used to support the development of new project ideas, deliver small-scale productions or workshops, investigate and experiment with new methods of engagement through the arts, or develop new collaborative relationships between artists and scientists and (2) Large projects (above £30,000). This funding can be used to fund full or part production costs for large-scale arts projects that aim to have significant impact on the public's engagement with biomedical science. We are also interested in supporting high-quality, multi-audience, multi-outcome projects.|Applicants can apply for any amount within the above boundaries, for projects lasting a maximum of three years
    Closes: For small to medium-sized projects (up to and including £30,000) deadlines are January 28th and April 28th. For large projects (above £30,000) the deadline is March 25th


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